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SOC Technologies Releases 4k H.264 Encoder and Decoder IP cores for Xilinx 7 Series FPGAs

System-On-Chip (SOC) Technologies releases its 4K H.264 Encoder and Decoder IP Cores for Xilinx 7 series FPGAs: Artix-7, Kintex-7, Virtex-7, and Zynq-7.

The 4K H.264 Encoder IP Core can run on these FPGAs:

Encoding Resolution & Frame Rate FPGA
4K (3840 x 2160) at 30fps Artix-7 A200T
4K (3840 x 2160) at 60fps Kintex-7 K325 and bigger

The decoder IP core can decode 4K 60fps streams on Artix-7 A200T.

Multi-channel 4K encoders and decoders are also available for FPGAs larger than the Kintex-7 K325.

SOC also offers all-in-one 4K CODEC Modules. The SOC MCM-1000A module can encode 4K at 30 fps. Two MCM-1000A modules can be combined to encode 4K at 60fps.

SOC provides an evaluation kit that uses 4 x 3G-SDI ports for 4K video input or 4 x 3G-SDI ports for 4K output, Fig. 2. This connection format has already been adopted by SOC customers in their products.