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FujiSoft Signs a Dealer Contract with System On Chip Technologies Inc. Canada


FujiSoft signs a dealer contract with System on Chip Technologies Inc. Canada H.264 / H.265, MPEG2 video codec (encoder / decoder) IP core launched

Fuji Software Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Senior Executive Officer: Tomoori Sakashita) has developed business to provide embedded products and design services for the purpose of sophistication and efficiency of embedded system development. This time, we have signed a dealer contract with System on Chip Technologies Inc. (Headquarters: Canada, President & CTO: Shaowen Song (hereinafter referred to as SOC)) and from February 21 (Tue), H.264 / H .265, MPEG2 codec (encoder / decoder) IP core will be for sale.

In recent years, in the field of embedded development, expectations are growing for improving image quality of video equipment and improving distribution technology. Also, in the industrial and automotive industries, video technology such as object recognition has attracted attention, and the demand for video quality is getting stronger. SOC has developed the technology related to video as IP for FPGA, and sells 4K compatible high-performance video codec IP core (H.264 / H.265, MPEG 2 encoder and decoder, transcoder). SOC's product features realize "compact logic size", "low latency", "low power consumption" and "high image quality" by hardware parallel processing architecture. We can accelerate product development by providing IP core for SOC's FPGA, modules with necessary devices, chipset products integrated in specific FPGAs, and evaluation kits.

By collaborating with SOC, Fuji Software will realize sophistication and acceleration of development in the field of video use, and will promote more efficient customers and more efficient development of embedded system.