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The H.264 Encoder Module has two versions – Commercial Version and Industrial Version. The Commercial Version can be used in most of the commercial products with temperature of 0-70°C. The Industrial Version is designed not only with the industrial temperature of -40-85°C, but also uses anti-vibration connectors to connect to the carrier boards. The Industrial Version is mostly used for aerospace and other industrial applications with rugged conditions.

H.264 HD Video Encoder Modules
(H.264 HD Video/Audio Encoder Modules)

The SOC H.264 HD Encoder Module is a small PCB with an FPGA loaded with SOC's H.264 Encoder IP Core, along with all required components for video/audio encoding. It is a plug-and-play PCB package that receives raw video/audio and outputs H.264 video stream(s) with optional AAC/MP2/MP3 audio.

Commercial Version

Industrial Version

Product Evaluation Kits

The H.264 HD Video Encoder Modules can be evaluated on SOC's Evaluation Kits. Evaluation kits include a carrier-board with all the ports and extensions needed for most video-based applications. The module and carrier board firmware are reconfigurable, and we can license board files if needed.

Begin the evaluation process by any of these methods:


  • Telephone/email support
  • IP Core updates/maintenance subscription